Griffon Get Togethers

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In 2014 the Griffon Club of Victoria will be holding 4 Get Togethers around various parks and gardens in and around Melbourne.

Keep an eye on the website for details.

Anyone is welcome to attend with their own griffons or other griffon doggy 'friends' or if you just want to meet the Griffon in real life come along with family and friends and enjoy an afternoon with us.

2014 Spring Get Together details coming soon...... 

Our very first get Together...... 

Saturday January 19th. 2013 Jells Park Griffon Get Together

(Photos below)

What a beautiful day for a Griffon Get together. 22 degrees and sunshine with a gentle breeze. We set our chairs and play pen up under the shade of a large tree and set to meeting and greeting each other.

We had a lovely group of 13 Grifs and 10 humans who all had a wonderful afternoon playing, talking and having a bite to eat before setting off around the park for a walk.

The dogs discovered water and ducks on our journey. What a funny sight to see the cheeky fun lovng dogs very hesitant at first to put foot in the water but when they realized the ducks were there, almost dragging their owners in deeper in their quest to investigate the birds. I'm glad they weren't Great Danes - we would not have stood a chance!

So many people stopped to look at the dogs both on our walk and sitting under the tree. Many were invited over to pat and chat which was lovely for the dogs- more pats please !!

The best part of the day was just being able to observe the antics of the dogs as they met each other and found their 'friends' amongst the group. I must say they were all very well behaved and happy to be meeting their new friends.

You could certainly tell the puppies amongst them - a little wary at first and then doing the play stance- head down and bottom up - inviting the other dog to play .

We even had a surprise visit from young Lucy and her humans who read the website and decided to come along - what a lovely time Lucy had and it was fantastic to meet her humans.

Young Erin was even brave enough to sit inside the puppy play pen - of course she was immediately swamped by dogs. We lost her for a second but she's tough and fought her way back to the top of the pack. Phew! Well done Erin. She even got some training in with Yonnie who had claimed Erin as his own by the end of the day.

All in all a fun and funny day with good memories to take home.


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 President - Mrs Beth Canavan p[email protected]

Secretary -Mrs Robin Simpson [email protected]

0409 255 369

         Puppy enquiries - Beth Canavan [email protected]